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Lunch dishes come with white rice. Substitute Brown Rice for extra $0.50 or Sticky Rice for extra $1.

Chicken, Pork or Tofu – 12.95
Beef, Vegetarian Ham, Shrimp – 13.95
Duck – 16.95
Soft Noodles or Brown Rice – extra 1.00
This Item ( …. ) Extra 1.00


Stir-fried spear of fresh asparagus, assorted mushrooms and tomatoes in light House Special Sauce.


SautÈed with onions, mushrooms, peppers and Thai basil leaves in garlic chili sauce.


Shredded ginger, onions, mushrooms, peppers and scallions in ground yellow bean sauce. Thai Style version available upon request.

(Bok Choy)

Quick stir-fried fresh baby bok-choy with garlic in light House Special Light Sauce.


SautÈed with garlic, diced onions, peppers tomatoes and cashew nuts on bed of lettuce. Thai Style version available upon request.

(Chinese Broccoli)

Quick stir-fried fresh Chinese broccoli with garlic in light House Special Light Sauce.


Baby corns, bamboo strips, scallions and mushrooms in oyster sauce.


Broccoli with black bean sauce, mushrooms, carrots and oyster sauce.


Pineapples with snow peas, tomatoes, onions, red & green pepper and curry powder.

Rama Garden

Steamed with your choice of meat and fresh vegetables served on the side with homemade peanut sauce.

Snow Peas

Snow peas, mushrooms, tofu and scallions in oyster sauce.

Spicy Bamboo Shoots **

Bamboo shoots with scallions, ground hot chili, mushrooms and assorted peppers.

Sweet & Sour

Thai sweet & sour sauce with cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, pineapple chunks, scallions and peppers.

Vegetable Saute

Sauteed assorted fresh vegetables with garlic and oyster sauce.